Friday, March 25, 2011


It is 221 days until I am 60 and Ellie Chickering turned 1 this week!

I haven't blogged lately- I've been busy! Last Tuesday I finished  an 8 week class series called BOLD. That stands for Business Objective: a Life by Design.
Have you ever considered how often we "let" life happen rather than planning and "making" it happen?  What is the purpose of our career/job/business?  It should be to fund the life we want- not the life we LET happen.
The biggest thing I learned at BOLD was to repeat affirmations every day. Wow what a life changing idea.
And no-I am not a "woowoo" person. But it works! Does it really matter if our outlook changes our future because of some "force" in the universe or because we change the way we do things. (I'm not discounting either idea.)
Affirmations can be found online, in books or even from friends who do them. I now have a CD full of them that I listen to when I am in my car. My best suggestion to find an affirmation  is to look at yourself and one of you negative beliefs about yourself, then look for an affirmation changing that belief. Say it to yourself ...I am willing to bet that at first you will hear that little voice in the back of your mind telling you "yeah but..." or a really sarcastic "right". Ignore that voice and continue the affirmation 50 times a day if need be until the voice goes away.
I never considered myself a worrier- but what a big difference in the weight on my shoulders after I started saying the following:
"I let this go- I choose to release worry and judgment and I choose to engage in trust and faith."